Friday, 19 March 2010

A totally fun scarf pattern

I am loving working on the dream scarf, so much that my other work has somewhat fallen by the wayside. After posting last time, I got out my knitting at Get Knitted Knatterers to find that I was missing 2 stitches. Ripping back a few rows stitch by stitch only made the work look worse, so I ended up taking it back to the beginning. This time, I decided lifelines were invented for this pattern, and invested in them. Since the pattern repeats every 9 rows, I put in a lifeline for each repeat and am glad I have. I've ripped back to them twice, since taking back mistakes is problematic at best with the reverse YOs. Still, it's looking amazing! This is the section of the scarf where I have taken the lifelines out to use on sections higher up. Saves on yarn that way, and I figure I don't need a network of lifelines all the way down when I'm happy with how it looks and won't need to rip back that far. This is how it looked with the lifelines in place - the change in colour is due to the lighting. I just used some white yarn I had lying around that I plan to use to make little animals with.

I'm just really excited with this project. I've learned the techniques well now, and it's pretty easy, but interesting enough to keep me going and not get bored - rather like the description the designer put in her pattern. I'm still not through the entire skein, despite knitting on it (nearly) every day, so I'm not sure how long it'll be with one skien. I may use another if I decide I want it longer, but that's the genius of scarves.

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