Monday, 6 December 2010

A Contest!

Not one sponsored by me, but by a company in America who's doing a yarn promotion called Yarns on Stage.

I found out about the promotion and ensuing contest through a woman I bought some Malabrigo from and later some of her own dyed stuff. She was selling all the yarns for the Yarns on Stage and advertised it quite heavily, so I ended up buying a skein of one of the brands, namely Dream in Colour's Smooshy. Each of the yarn makers had a special colourway for their yarn, so I got Dream in Colour's limited edition of Bubble Haze.

All the yarns are sock yarns, so I picked a nice pattern for a shawlette in 4-ply and made it up. The pattern is called Citron, and everyone seems to have made it on Ravelry. It was pretty straightforward, with lots of knit/purl and increasing/decreasing for the textured bits that I didn't capture very well here. The colours were very muted, but made for a good shawl in the end. It's merino, so it's very warm and lovely.

The contest is actually to send in a picture of your FO and they'll take all the entries and judge them. The winner gets money!
All the information is on this link if anyone is interested. A better picture of my shawl is up there, as well as some other entries. There's also a link to the Yarns on Stage main page, describing the whole event and the reasoning behind it, as well as a showcase of the companies and their limited edition yarns - on sheep!

So if you like contests, this is a great one. The yarn isn't cheap, especially with shipping from the States, but it's good quality and good yardage and I had fun, so I thought I would promote it a bit. If you read this and blog, pass on the word.

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