Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Crochet Creativity

The last few months have seen me very busy, which is the main reason I haven't posted here. When I had a chance to stop, I didn't really have much energy to write anything, and for the majority of that time, I was away from home and my computer, using my brother's computer instead, which didn't really lend itself to blogging.

I didn't really get much knitting done while I was in the States. I found that having people around all the time to talk with, along with all the busy-ness my family gets up to, makes for enough distraction (albeit not bad) that I can't really focus on knitting. I did get a fair bit of crochet done, however. I took with me a large granny square that I had started the week before I left, and when I ran out of yarn for it, it was large enough to turn into a fringed triangle shawl. The yarn is Araucania Ruca, which is very pretty but splitty. I actually found it easier to crochet than to knit, and will probably work with it again.

Once I finished that, I found myself at rather a loose end. I'd gotten ahold of some pretty blue and white cotton and the Harmony Guide to crochet (in card form - 101 motifs and patterns), so I put those together with a little creativity and settled on a book cover. While I call it my design, it is based entirely on two stitches from the guide. You can find my write-up of how I did it here.

Once I finished that, I started playing around with single and double crochet in the round, and ended up with some hair accessories. I think I made 4, but they are all like these two. I'm enjoying designing crochet, and find it to be pretty easy despite my relative newness to the craft. I also got the outline of a purse which unzips flat, and plan to turn the original leather design into a knitted one. My designing life has begun, if rather tentatively.

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