Friday, 2 March 2012

Olympic Pillow

I have a new project. In my copy of The Knitter for this month, there was an article about an initiative to make cushions out of British Wool for Olympic and Paralympic athletes coming to the London Games. The link can be found here. I already had 100g of Ronaldsay wool that I picked up at Fibre Flurry in 2010, but needed a total of 250. Katherine and I had been talking about going around the various yarn stores in Exeter anyway, so I took that opportunity to look for some appropriate wool. At one of them, I found wool from locally raised sheep - perfect! The breeds were Hebridean and Shetland, the colours brown and black respectively. The light grey is the Ronaldsay. It's Ravelled here

I'm quite pleased with how this is going. The yarn is aran, and knits up fairly quickly; I've not been knitting quickly as my elbow is still bothering me somewhat, but I've had it a little over a week and have done one 16x16" side. Once I do the other side, I will be able to send it off to be stuffed - the stuffing has been donated and there don't seem to be any stuffing events in my area. I have plenty of time, since they want all cushions submitted by the end of March.

In case anyone was wondering, I finished the hat from my last post. It turned out pretty well.
Elourne Hat

I've been doing some spinning as well. Once I get the yarn plied, I'll put it up here. That's all for now!

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