Sunday, 20 December 2009

A new challenge

I've put aside Concerto for a bit because of my husband. He happened to comment the other day that his fingers and hands were very cold. He turned the heat up in the house in an effort to get his hands warm, but it wasn't really working and my economical and environmental senses were screaming. "It's ok, I can make you some fingerless gloves." says I, confident in my knitting abilities. I had at first thought of taking a pattern I have for armwarmers and altering it, but after looking at it and consulting the husband, I knew it wouldn't work. The armwarmers only cover the bottom of the hands, and he wants something that goes up over his fingers. So I found a pattern and got started.

Boy, talk about a learning curve. The first part went fine. Then I got to the fingers. I don't think the thumb is going to be so bad, but the fingers, ye gods! First, I couldn't figure out the whole gusset thing. It took me about three froggings to get that sorted, including one down to the thumb and back up again. Then, I couldn't figure out what to do once I'd finished the first finger. Did I dare cut the yarn, and where did I get more to start the next bit? I figured that out at about 2 am last night, in one of my insomniac moments. I needed to cast on three stitches for another gusset anyway, between the next two fingers, so I might as well just take the yarn from that and use it to continue. All in all, it's been more an exercise in how to take things off needles and put them on again. In essence, I'm having trouble with putting it together, and not trouble with putting stitches aside, picking them up again, and the multi-needle techniques that go with it. One of the downsides of being unable to picture things and put them together.

I'm really hoping the other glove goes quicker than this one is. Still, it's a great learning experience - and I have learned a LOT - and the husband is being very patient in waiting for his handwarmers. :)

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