Saturday, 15 January 2011

A comedy of errors

I was in Get Knitted, my LYS, hanging out with other knitters and enjoying myself, when I spotted a sample hanging near where we were sitting. It was a shawlette that had been crocheted, and being new to crochet I jumped on it and drooled over it and ascertained that it was a free pattern if you bought the yarn, and had been designed by one of the ladies at the store. Win. So I went and looked at the pattern, which called for 5 balls of Sirdar Big Softie, and got those, and proceeded to go home that afternoon and start.

I got through the first 9 rows fine (there are 12, plus a finishing), then hit a snag. I was having trouble with the instructions for the beginning of row 10, so I decided to wait till I was next at GK, and ask there. That was over a week away, so I put it away for a bit. I took it along and got things sorted out, and then next time I went to work on it at home, I ran out of yarn.

Yeah, it called for five, but I'm going to end up using seven. Bummer. I got on the GK website and ordered some more, paying almost as much for shipping as I did for the yarn. It's cheap yarn, you see. Then I got the yarn and couldn't find my hook. When I realised I was running out of yarn, I had decided to skip the 12th row and go straight to the finishing row, since they're essentially the same and I don't need 2 rows of picot edging. I finally found my hook (the next day) and went to finish. And ran out of yarn again. Bloody hell, they're long rows, but still. I've decided to wait until I'm next at GK to get more yarn, since I really can't be bothered to order more and pay more to have it shipped when I'll be there the first Saturday of February. I've tied off what I've done, and taken pictures and will pretend it's done, since there' only a few inches of edging left to do, but I won't wear it until I've finished. I still need to put a button or something on it as well, since I don't like the huge flower they've used to fasten it.

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