Sunday, 2 January 2011

A New Year

This last year has been my first full year knitting, and I've made a lot and learned a lot. The only thing I don't feel comfortable doing is colourwork, although the only sock (well, stocking) I've tried my hand at turned out to be a rather complete failure. This year, I want to get through the large number of things I've queued, using up in the process the large amount of yarn I have stashed. If you've seen my Ravelry page, you might have noticed that I'm a horrible yarn addict, and have spent most of my spending money the past year or so on yarn. Lots of it. My plan therefore is to not buy nearly as much this year, but do the projects I've lined up to use it instead. Most of the yarn in my stash has a project attached to it, so by doing the projects, I'll get both more experience, make things I want to make, and free up room to buy more yarn later.

Ahem. :D

My plan is to do more lace stuff this year especially. I have a lot of shawls I want to make, and a lot of laceweight yarn. Since I haven't actually made a lace shawl yet, having done both lace and shawls but not the two combined (at least, to the finish), this will be a good thing. I actually have one started from some green yarn I picked up at Fibre Flurry, to go with a green skirt my mother made me, but I've put it on hold until I finish a cardigan I'm also working on. This cardi promises to be a quick knit, so I'm hoping to finish by the end of next week.

Although there are many things in my queue on Ravelry, my primary emphasis will be shawls and socks. I want to finish at least four shawls of varying sizes - the one I have on the needles now is a shawlette, but many I have use about 1000 yards of yarn - quite a large shawl. Wish me luck!

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