Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The best laid plans...

I was going to start another part of the Concerto right away, but I wanted to finish part one of Sidonia first. "This will be easy" says I. "It is fast going and I'm still at the short part of the shawl." Well, I kept getting interrupted with one thing and another, and it took me several days to finish what I thought would take one. So I ended up starting part 3 of Concerto yesterday, at some silly time in the morning when the rest of the world is asleep.

Turns out though, it was a really short section. At least, it looked and felt really short, although it turned out to be in length same as the other two. I measured. I'm not sure why it felt so much shorter. Maybe it's because Sidonia is getting longer with each row, whereas Concerto stays the same, or because the design is less intricate and so the number of types of stitches (SSK, etc.) were fewer - although it looks just as stunning as the last two have, if not more so.I'm really quite proud of my work on it.

I have fewer things on the needles now. I've finished the armwarmers, so it's just the snood, which I work on here and there, and the two big projects, which I'm kind of juggling. I think I'll probably do part 4 of Concerto, since I'm far behind with where I wanted to be with that, and then do part 2 of Sidonia. I want to have one finished by my birthday on the 19th, so I'd better get cracking really.

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