Thursday, 14 January 2010


The silk is breaking. I had 2 breakages after it had been knitted into the main body of the piece, and at row 71 out of over 400, didn't want to risk anymore. I hated to frogg it, but after checking, I noticed I didn't even have enough yardage to make the whole shawl! Note to self: must check that before starting things. That blew my idea of doubling the silk to make it stronger, since that would have made an even shorter shawl, so I did some checking online and got enough of the other laceweight I have in stock, some lilac tweed, to make it. It meant ordering another 7 skeins and buying out her stock, but it's going to make a lovely shawl. The tweed is slightly heavier than the silk, so the pattern stands out more without blocking. For me, a large part of the pleasure of knitting is seeing the pattern form as I knit row after row. It's what has gotten me addicted to lace in the first place. Not to mention the fact that it's purple, so I've broken my blue streak and started a shawl I love in my favourite colour.

I also sold a ball of yarn today that I didn't want, so I took some of the money and used it to buy a 5 mm circular needle. This can replace the set of 5 mm straight needles I have working on Concerto right now, so if it is the needles which are holding me up, then I will very soon be back on track with that. I'll have more knitting than I can handle! It's a nice stress reliever though, and with my life being as problematic as it is, knitting is nice to have around.

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